06 January, 2014

When are DC going to admit "Man Of Steel 2" is a Justice League film?

It feels like since it was announced that they were making a sequel to "Man Of Steel" we ALL knew that film was destined to be a Justice League film. It feels like EVERY single week now we find out about another actor/actress being rumoured to either be a member of the Justice League or a huge DC villain.

They can keep on going on saying that the film is just a Superman sequel, but does anybody really believe it?

I personally think it will be a more character driven production than "Man Of Steel", using less CGI and more screen time will concentrate on developing characters in order for them to have their own stand alone films. We all know that a name a big as Affleck would not be given a 1 film deal, in my opinion he will have signed on for a multi-picture deal 3 or more pictures would be my guess.

I think in 2017 we might get to see a live-action version of "The Dark Knight Returns" or something of a similar arc. Where Batman is in the latter years of his career, in which we will see a much darker Batman like we are rumoured to see in "Man Of Steel 2".

Just some of the names being tossed about for the sequel are;
Jason Momoa - Martian Manhunter/Doomsday/Aquaman

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Martian Manhunter/Green Lantern/Doomsday

Bryan Cranston - Lex Luther/James Gordon

Timothy Dalton - Alfred

Denzel Washington - Green Lantern/Lex Luther

Joaquin Phoenix - Lex Luther

Callan Mulvery - Metallo

Mark Strong - Lex Luthor

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