02 January, 2014

Top 10 films of 2013!

Some of you may know last year I created my own kind of awards, just because I don't agree with the main award organisations a lot of the time. So here they are again the WAFA's (Wilson Appreciation of Film Awards, AWFUL name I know ha). I will probably have to state I DO NOT watch a lot of if any international Cinema or foreign language films, this year I am going to add to it, plus I do not watch films that are made for the awards like a lot of the Indie films these days. I'd say over 95% of my movie enjoyment comes from blockbuster releases or films which people consider "Hollywood" releases.

After spending hours reading hundreds of top 10/25/50/100 lists of films from 2013 I have came to the conclusion that "professional" reviewers suck up all this Indie crap like their lives depend on it. A lot of them also seem to make their list in order to just annoy people I have seen countless lists that have "Spring Breakers" in the top 5, that film wouldn't even make my top 100!

Best - Top 10!
10 - This Is The End - nearly didn't make it due to how much Danny McBride is in it but I gritted my teeth and added it.

9 - We're The Millers

8 - A Good Day To Die Hard

7 - The World's End

6 - World War Z

5 - Star Trek Into Darkness

4 - Evil Dead

3 - Man Of Steel

2 - Lone Survivor

1 - The Wolverine

Honorable mentions;
Gangster Squad
Fast & Furious 6
Insidious Chapter 2 - eons better than the first.
Pacific Rim
The Conjuring
Monsters University
The Heat

Best Film
The Wolverine - was a true toss up between this, "Man Of Steel" and "Lone Survivor".

Best Director
Peter Berg & Fede Alvarez for "Lone Survivor" and "Evil Dead" respectively.
"Lone Survivor" was pure War porn, but is there truly anything wrong with that I ask you? Ha.
Plus "Evil Dead" was a saving grace for all us Horror fans out there!

I was pleasently surprised with some of the Horrors last year, I didn't really expect to enjoy any besides "Evil Dead", however I was more than happy with "Mama", "The Conjuring" and "Insidious: Chapter 2" which was eons better than the first.
1 - Evil Dead
2 - The Conjuring
3 - The Heat
4 - The Internship
5 - Mama

There were two major stand out underachievers in my eye last year they were;
1 - 2 Guns
2 - Now You See Me

Lead Male
Mark Wahlberg - Lone Survivor

Lead Female
Jane Levy - Evil Dead

Supporting Male
Jai Courtney - A Good Day To Die Hard - Jai is probably a lead co-star in the film but nobody is on par with Bruce Willis.

Supporting Female
Rila Fukushima - The Wolverine

Visual Effects
Man Of Steel

Original Screenplay
Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright - The Worlds End

Adapted Screenplay
Peter Berg - Lone Survivor

Monsters University

For my worst I planned on picking a top 5, after doing my reading into what actually released this year it was impossible for me to whittle it down to 5. So here are my WORST films of the year in no particular order due to their awfulness they are just bunched together;
Grown Ups 2
Now You See Me
After Earth
The Hangover 3
Identity Thief
Kick Ass 2
The Purge
Dark Skies
G.I Joe Retaliation

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