07 February, 2014

Evangeline Lilly in early talks for "Ant-Man"

Reports are surfacing that Evangeline Lilly is in early talks for an unspecified role in Marvels "Ant-Man", the movie will kick off Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lilly is yet another actress (if added) that will join an already experienced cast unlike some previous Marvel movies. She will be joining Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Michael Pena.

Director Edgar Wright, is known for the Romance aspects of his films and it looks like this one will not be any different from his previous works.

I personally know NOTHING about the Ant-Man world, I didn't even know he was a character until the movie was announced in 2012 that the film was close to being put into production. So when it was announced earlier that Evangeline Lilly was up for a role I decided to look at what other people were saying she could/should do in the movie. A LOT of the fans out there are saying she should play "Wasp", who is a human just like her co-lead Scott Lang played by Paul Rudd. So she is essentially a female Ant-Man? But a wasp? Man, Marvel is FULL of crazy stuff!

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