24 October, 2014

Charlie Cox talks Daredevil

Charlie Cox has recently spoke to TheHollywoodReporter about the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Marvel's Daredevil, which I assume we are all looking forward to, here is what he had to say;

"It's great fun, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility," Cox said of playing Daredevil. "I wasn't really aware of how vast the comic book world was until I became part of the Marvel universe. I went to Comic Con last week, and it's really important to a lot of people. It really is. I'm having a great time." 

"I've read comics after comics after comics - I've never read so many comics in my life, and we're finding moments from the comics to reference in the show," Cox explained. "We're trying to make a show that's new and much, much darker than anything I've ever seen Marvel do before. The concept that he can't stop. He's going out and he's taking the law into his own hands, and he doesn't know if he can stop. He might be addicted to it." 

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