23 September, 2014

Why "Deadpool" should NOT be PG 13!

Where to begin on why "Deadpool" should not be a PG 13, well the main reason it should be is because you will struggle to find a single fan who agrees with the idea of it. There has been talk about the potential idea of a solo Deadpool film since Ryan Reynolds played the Merc With a Mouth back in 2009 in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" however in my opinion they should drop Ryan Reynolds get a new Deadpool!

So after the leaked footage surfaced a few months ago, the whole comic world went absolutely crazy with excitement, the details we could make out through the grainy imagery was a brilliant look at how it may be done. However, Fox decided to release their HD version of said test footage resulting in a lot of us being let down, turns out that the whole thing was CG, nobody wants that Fox, NOBODY! If you haven't seen it, you're in luck (kind of);

Given this test footage it was safe to assume that we would be getting a 15/18 or R-Rated depending on your location, however, turns out we were all wrong it's looking very likely now that Fox are set to make the film a 12/PG-13. Could they be any further from being right?
Hello, Fox? DO WE MATTER?!?!
Lets all be honest, is Reynolds a viable option still? I mean David S Goyer signed on to make a solo Deadpool film in February 2004 and back then Reynolds was attached to star, so for OVER a decade they have been trying to get it made and haven't even came close. Surely somebody doesn't have faith in this project or it is just not meant to happen. I say start from scratch wipe it all clear and start from scratch anyway I digress back to PG-13. I will post some panels from Deadpool comics to prove that child friendly rating is so wrong it's laughable.
Child friendly idea???
Surely this is child friendly with its sexual overtone?
What about a one armed Wade?
Surely Wade's physical appearance is child friendly?
That's just four panels I came across doing a tiny bit of looking, my time reading a few Deadpool comics I guess around 30, there is probably countless ones in them alone that prove my point. Just because you own the rights to a character Fox, doesn't mean you should bend the idea over and go in dry. You just have to look at what use done in "X:Men Origins: Wolverine" to see how you destroyed a character, even the look in Origins was awful.

I envision this is how the majority of Deadpool fans are sitting right now awaiting your decision Fox, do the right thing, GIVE US GORE AND VULGARITY!!!

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