05 April, 2013

New "Fast And Furious 6" poster & shocking Justin Lin news...

Universal have released a full crew poster for the upcoming instalment in the Fast And Furious franchise "Fast & Furious 6". With this poster, this week we found out that Justin Lin won't be returning to do anymore "Fast" films, he joined the franchise for "Tokyo Drift" which I personally thought would have destroyed the franchise. Which I was wrong obviously, then he went on to do three more film including the newest one releasing soon.

We also recently heard from Vin Diesel himself that they are going to start shooting Fast & Furious 7 this Summer, reports are suggesting that Universal Pictures want to get the seventh film out by next year an that Justin Lin has opted not direct it.

If Lin had stayed on board with the Fast franchise then he would have tied John Glen for the record for most English language film directed by the same person passing some of the greats Steven Spielberg for his "Indiana Jones" franchise, George Lucas with "Star Wars" and David Yates with "Harry Potter".

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