25 March, 2013

Joel Silver moves forward with "Escape From New York" reboot

A few years back it looked like a reboot for "Escape From New York" was moving forward under New Line Cinema with director Breck Eisner, that version eventually fell through. However, it looks like a new project has gained a lot of momentum in recent weeks, according to Deadline. Joel Silver is teaming up with StudioCanal to create a new and exciting franchise based around Snake Plissken.

The main plan is to start fresh with new material an set itself for a trilogy of films, however it was mentioned that the first film is set to be a Snake Plissken origin story which has been compared to "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes". A writer is yet yo be hired, and the film is in very early stages of discussions so I doubt we will hear anything about the project this year, if we do expect it to closer to Winter. There is already a few names being thrown about for the role of Snake, included are Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy.

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