04 March, 2013

Halle Berry joins "Days Of Future Past"

Ever since Bryan Singer took over on "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" there has been rumours about cast members from the previous films might be coming back. With Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore reprising their roles, we can now add Halle Berry to that list.
 ComingSoon recently done an interview with Halle Berry herself, check it out below;

"CS: What can you say about your role in X-Men: Days of Future Past?
Halle Berry: That I’m gonna be there. For sure.

CS: Is there anything you didn’t get a chance to do in the first three X-Men films that you’d like to do in this one?
Berry: You know, I always love to do more as Storm. That’s a character that I really love and people seem to respond well to me playing Storm.

CS: She seemed to become more like you as the series progressed.
Berry: She did?

CS: Her personality approached yours a little bit more. To the extent that you're a weather-manipulating mutant.
Berry: Okay! [Laughs.]

CS: Are you familiar with the comic issues this one is based on?
Berry: Yes.

CS: So you've had a chance to look them over?
Berry: Yes. A little bit, yes.

CS: We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the role.
Berry: Thank you!"

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