15 August, 2012

Ben Affleck to direct "Justice League"

It's hard to keep track of who is producing or directing a film these days in Hollywood, it feels like every week they are changing. It is beginning to get frustrating for people who run blogs like myself, never know when is the right time to post a rumour/casting. The newest rumour doing its rounds is that Warner Bros and DC are looking at actor/director to take the helm of the planned Justice League film. There answer to "The Avengers" in order to cash in on the success of Marvel's ensemble film.

"With Christopher Nolan declaring himself out of the running for Justice League, Warner Bros. are reportedly trying to pin down Ben Affleck as the director of their shrouded-in-secrecy DC’s version of The Avengers…
…Affleck previously directed The Town for the studio and has the upcoming true story film Argo; on the other hand, Warner Bros. failed in their attempt to hire director George Miller.
Since Affleck recently said he’ll only direct films in which he also stars, which means if he does sign on as director, we can expect to see him starring as well."

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