19 April, 2015

MCU rumours Spidey, Doctor Strange, Civil War & Ant-Man

There has been several rumours that have surfaced over the past week or so relating to the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, they can be perceived as VERY spoiler heavy, the details came from the guys over at JobLo. DO NOT continue to read if you do not want to hear about these POSSIBLE spoilers for the upcoming films.

***!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!***

Firstly, lets get to the rumour about Ant-Man, details have emerged that there will be two fights between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket. First of all they will be inside a suitcase that is falling to Earth from a helicopter, while inside the suitcase they will be dodging various objects within the suitcase on will be a mobile phone. The second fight which will be the final fight of the film will take place in Scott Lang's daughters bedroom, in the fight the hero and villain will show case their abilities to shrink and grow, also in the fight an ant and Thomas the Tank Engine with be enlarged to giant-sized proportions.
Secondly, we take a look at the details that have surfaced about Captain America: Civil War, the third instalment in the Captain America films within the MCU. According to the report, the film is simply being called "Civil War" in house, meaning the higher ups at Marvel see this as more of an Avenger 2.5 if you will and not necessarily a Captain America film, which is a good thing in my opinion. The film will feature an A star list of heroes, with names likes of War Machine, The Vision, and Ant-Man being reportedly involved with Iron Man's side of the conflict, while on the other hand Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon siding with Cap. Scarlet Witch is also said to be appearing in the film, whose side she will be on is currently unknown, along with her appearance, Black Panther is set to appear in the film and will NOT be used to fill Spider-Man's role open from the comics unlike most reports have suggested. Black Panther will appear, serving his own purpose, what that is we do not know as of yet. As for an appearance from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, his involvement or lack of involvement is being kept very hush hush, so he my well appear, however in my personal opinion, I do not think he will appear. He may be referenced in name, but his first appearance will be his solo film in 2017.
In regards to villains in the film, Baran Zemo will be making an appearance (likely being played by Daniel Bruhl) along with Zemo, Brock Rumlow played by Frank Grillo will be making the step from Brock to his Crossbones persona. Which will include a modified version of his skull mask that is said to more like a mask/helmet hybrid with skull graffiti on it. The rumours also state that Crossbones is responsible for causing the massacre that leads to the Superhero Registration Act which sparks the conflict amongst the Avengers. This is not the only reported factor in causing a rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, partial lies with Winter Soldier and Steve's relationship with him, who will also appear in this film.
Within the report we also found out that The Falcon played by Anthony Mackie will be rocking a modified costume, that will have a red and grey colour scheme similar to his look in comics. Hopefully somewhat like the picture above, Ant-Man is set to look exactly the same, but is expected to show his ability to go "giant-man mode" at some point.
Thirdly, the reports gives us some information on the upcoming Doctor Strange film starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role. The report says that Strange's physical look will be directly inspired by his comic appearance, including his red cape (for people unaware with his look picture below).
The suit will obviously take on some modification as to fit into this MCU world we already have established, with a shorter collar and some sort of vest piece. Villains in the film will be Dormammu and Baron Mordo, it is being said that Dormammu will be leading an army of "Mindless Ones" with lots of action taking place in-between dimensions and in the Astral Plane, the visual effects aim to be comparable to Inception.

If even HALF of this comes to be true, I will be incredibly happy, some of the ideas coming out in this report are amazing. Will add a great dimension (pun intended) to the MCU, great time to be a comic book fan

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