11 November, 2014

Supernatural ending?

Let's talk Supernatural, I have been hooked on the show since roughly Season 2 due to the UK being delayed massively when it came to television shows a few years ago. Ever since then I have hung on to every word of the show like a little fan girl (I'm a 24 year old man right now and still do), however since about Season 6/7 when the ratings took a hit I began to think about how the show could wrap up and I would still be happy that it ended. I know right, tall order for a day one (UK permitted) fan, I have literally given the ending of this show more forethought than any other show I watch.

Anyway, back to why I started this article, I think that Sam and Dean having a "happy ending" meaning that they both get out the life, get married and have kids live the normal life, would be the completely wrong way to go in my opinion. Yes, Sam and Dean worked their asses off and even died multiple times in their line of work for mankind, however a decade of them doing what they do and they have became so entwined up in that existence that life outside of it makes no sense for the pair story-wise.
Since day one, for Dean is has ALWAYS been about being a hunter and nothing else besides his Dad and Sam really mattered to him especially after John died. So for Dean to have a normal life outside of the hunting world, for me, makes absolutely no sense at all. Sam on the other hand, he spent his entirety getting away from that world until John died. So for me it's as simple as Sam gets his life free of the demonic/hunting while Dean has to die doing what he believes he was put on Earth for. Which would be unfortunate for Lisa & Ben (if they still remembered), however I see them playing a part in the ending.
The way I see it, the world can NEVER be 100% free of demons/ghosts or anything monstrous the brothers have came across in their time hunting. Far too much has happened with new and evil beings for them truly all to be wiped out. I mean they already closed the gates of hell in Season 2 and there still is countless occurrences of evil happenings (coincidentally only in the US, got to love television shows ha).

So, anyway, back to why I started this piece I wanted to give you guys and girls my thoughts on how I think the show should end leaving me in a state of happiness or as close as can be considering my baby is no more.

Castiel & Crowley

    Castiel will become the ruler of Heaven, a new version of God if you will, not the creator just in name alone he will be the "God" people adhere to. With Castiel being the new ruler, the war among Angels come to an end and peace is restored above. As the saying goes the "as above, so below", after Castiel becoming the top dog upstairs, Crowley is now the king of Hell, the devil in the absence of one. Same rules apply to Crowley as Castiel, when taking power the take over responsibilities once held by their predecessors. Before returning to their rightful places as God and the Devil, Castiel and Crowley come to an agreement (or as close as those two entities would allow) in which the good will go up, while the bad will go down. Kind of back to how it was pre the end of days.

    Sam & Dean

    So back to what truly matters, what will happen to Sam & Dean, the way I see it the truly happy ending is a no go. For me, Dean has to go out doing what his was put here to do, fighting the evil of this Earth, Dean dying in the line of duty and Sammy is left here to live his "normal life" that he wants.

    THE END!

    I know I have gone into the details of what I would like to see, however this is how I see the finale actually playing out some specifics. I see Dean on deaths door (specifics I do not mind, as long as it is a serious situation), while on the floor Castiel is over him ready to heal him as countless times before. Dean looks him in the eye and says "it's my time Cas, I can't do this anymore".

    While Dean is left dying due to his injuries, Castiel continues the fight with Sam (not sure who or what they are fighting) upon defeating said "baddie", Sam rushes to Dean and starts yelling that he has to stay, there is no life without each other, you know, the typical Sam and Dean back and forth we have seen many a time. Dean continues to tell Sam how he can not continue to do this all the time, at some point they have to die and Dead has had enough and wants the sweet relief he has earned from three decades of of fighting. 

    Before crossing over, after he has given the Dean speech, he leans in and whispers something to Sam, which we do not hear and also passes him something we can't see. Fade to black, cue Sam knocking on an oddly familiar door, the door opens to Ben, Sam hands him the keys to the Impala and informs him it was his fathers who was a great man (giving him a traditional Winchester speech, we do not hear the specifics of).

    "Happy 1st Birthday Dean" is a banner we see hanging above a crib, "Goodnight, Dean" says Sam and the show ends, a nice way to wrap it up, considering that was Dean's first ever words in the show. Sam's now wife, leans over Dean's crib an starts to sing this...

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