14 November, 2014

Academy award winner to write Uncharted film

The Hollywood Reporter are running with a story that Academy Award winner Mark Boal, who won his Oscar for "The Hurt Locker" and was again nominated for "Zero Dark Thirty" is set to write the script for the upcoming Uncharted film. According to other reports, are claiming that Boal is a fan of the games, maybe that aided in his choice to sign on.

After reports surfaced about Boal signing on, it was within the blink of an eye that Chris Pratt became rumoured for the role, some people are claiming he has distanced himself from the role. I personally love Pratt, just not sure he is correct for this role, he is better suited for Indy in a reboot. For Nathan Drake, I would like to see Nathan Fillion or Bradley Cooper in the titular role.

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