15 October, 2014

Potential actress for "Supergirl" TV Show

With Laura Vandervoort coming out to have a brief talk about the potential "Supergirl" show, I thought it would be fun to do a little bit of fancasting. Here are some actress I would like or wouldn't mind seeing take over as Kara with her potentially being added to the every growing DC Cinematic Universe. As always when I do my "fancasting" these picks will not be in order of who is more suitable, just in the order in which they pop into my head.
Amber Heard - Amber has been on a steady incline over the past few years, even though she does a lot more film than television roles. She has been known to dabble in the ever growing television market. She has had roles in "Criminal Minds", "Californication" and "Playboy Club" so she has some television pedigree, however I still think she is perfect for the role of Kara.
Yvonne Strahovski - Opposed to what I said about Amber, Yvonne is well versed in the television world, she had big roles in "Heartland", "Chuck" and most recently "24: Live Another Day". Plus she is mainly here because she rocks! I mean there has been talk for years about her playing Supergirl or even Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers or ANY other strong female superhero since her days as Sarah on "Chuck". She may be a bit old for the role considering they are going for a younger woman, however, she just fits the bill and I think most would agree.
Laura Haddock - Laura is a current favourite of mine, in recent years she has been very versatile in her acting from Comedy in "How No To Live Your Life" to all out Drama in "Da Vinci's Demons". It would be weird seeing her make the switch to DC already having two different Marvel roles under her belt, however her work in "Da Vinci's Demons" really showcases her acting ability, plus being a Brit would be great to see another one of us playing a superhero ha.
Lyndsy Fonesca - Lyndsy is well versed in the same way that Laura Haddock is she has jumped across many genres, mostly known for her work in "Kick-Ass" films and playing Alex in CW's "Nikita", which lends to her ability to pull of good fight scenes and execute some well acted scenes.
Aly Michalka - Michalka may not even be a possibility due her recent joining of CW's upcoming show "iZombie", however is that is cancelled or doesn't work out, then she is pretty close to perfect for the role she played a great role in the short lived "Hellcats" Drama a couple of years ago. So if they were to go younger not long out of High School Aly would be high up my list.

Alexandra Daddario - Daddario has already played a Demigod in the recent Percy Jackson film series and she has also shown her acting ability in "True Detective" and proven she's a pretty good "scream queen" due to her Horror roles in the past years. It's not fair to base a casting on just looks, however that is a main reason in which I picked her she is unbelievably good looking also talented, plus look at those eyes! I MEAN COME ON!
Hayden Panettiere - Is Supergirl that dissimilar to Claire from "Heroes" really? Well I know she is, just saying Panettiere is has done a very similar role, one that really helped propel her into the A-lister she is right now. She has all the talented need, she looks the same age as she did in "Hereos", she has a dedicated fanbase and she is pretty perfect for the role.
Nicola Peltz - With Peltz only being born in 1995, she may be the perfect age for the role if they plan to go on a nice long run like CW done with "Smallville". Peltz is relatively new to the acting game, but her recent addition to the "Transformers" franchise will make her a HOT property in the coming months.
Jessica Nigri - VERY OUTSIDE CALL, not even a serious call, just a pure fanboy casting considering her dedication to the nerd world and cosplaying. She probably can't act to save her life, however, she has made a HUGE dedication to the nerd world and comic related everything for years.

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