24 October, 2014

FOX orders modernised Frankenstein pilot

Yet another revival of a classic Horror story for TV, this seems to happen A LOT in recent years, Horror seems to be the go to now-a-days and I for one am kind of happy it is my genre. According to Deadline, FOX have ordered a pilot from Rand Ravich ("Life") which is simply title "Frankenstein";

The new show, described as a "grounded sci-fi drama" loosely inspired by Mary Shelley's classic 1818 novel, centres on Adam Tremble, "a morally corrupt FBI agent who is given a second chance at life when he is brought back from the dead. Now younger and stronger, Tremble will have to choose between his old temptations and his new sense of purpose — dealing with threats beyond the FBI’s capabilities. All the while navigating the complicated relationship with his “creators”: an antisocial Internet billionaire and his bio-engineer twin sister."

There is truly something about this shows concept that I REALLY like and I can't seem to put my finger on what it is. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this concept progresses.

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