14 October, 2014

David S Goyer talks DC future

We already have two DC new shows this year, and they are both off to a great start Gotham and Flash are both getting great reviews from fans (critics views do not matter if the viewers keep up and the fans are happy). Just around the corner we have the "Constantine" television series, and show runner/developer David S Goyer has recently done an interview with ScreenRant.

SCREEN RANT: Speaking of storylines, we all know that Constantine…with other characters like Zatanna, or any of the other DC magic people. Would it be possible to see Justice League Dark in any way, shape, or form? Would you want him to be a part of something like that?

GOYER: Yeah. I think you’ll see some of those…If the show takes off…even within the first 12 episodes we’ve introduced two or three characters from the broader DC universe that are not just exclusively from Hellblazer. Corrigan has been mentioned, but there’s a couple of other characters we haven’t talked about that will show up as well. If the show takes off and we get our back nine and come back a second season, we sort of have access to that whole corner of the occult universe. So, hopefully we’ll be introducing those characters as is appropriate.

SCREEN RANT: I know a lot of fans have a question about the structure of the master, just via TV or as it’s shaping up as a whole. You’ve got shows like Arrow, like Flash, like Supergirl from CBS. You’ve got Titans on TNT. You have Constantine on NBC. Different networks but all one studio company. I think a lot of fans are wondering is there room for movement even though these characters are on different networks, because they are under one master house? Could we see them interact?

GOYER: You know, never say never. There aren’t any immediate plans, but it would be interesting to try that, to do kind of an internetwork crossover. I think anything’s possible. But we have to get our sea legs first. We’ve gotta premiere in a couple of weeks, and hopefully the audience likes what we’ve got and then we’ll see.

SCREEN RANT: I know one of his biggest confrontations that everyone would love to see adapted on the screen was Constantine and Swamp Thing. Is that something that has been thrown around at all?

GOYER: It’s been thrown around. It’s not something I think we’d attempt in the first season. We need to make sure that we can pull off the special makeup effects. We don’t want to do a cheesy version of Swamp Thing. It’s a lot easier to do Dr. Occult or Satana or Jim Corrigan than it is to do Swamp Thing. So we’ll see.

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