26 August, 2014

James Bond 24 going old school???

Looks like James Bond 24's production is moving forward at a nice pace, now they are working on some casting for the upcoming film. According to MI6 a website dedicated to James Bond himself are reporting that Daniel Craig will be facing "someone extremely physically fit and over 6' 2", check out the apparent casting call here;

"Casting has begun for the main assassin, with the search specifically focussed on someone extremely physically fit and over 6' 2". Whoever wins the role will have several altercations with Daniel Craig's 007 throughout the film and also a driving sequence. Former sports athletes will be under consideration along with anyone 'very unusual'. The character has the working name of 'Hinx' (which may change before shooting starts) and is said to be between 30 and 45 years old... The goal is to find the next Jaws or Oddjob - a henchman so different to anything that has gone before that they will become instantly iconic in the film series,"

Does this mean we are set to see the return of the over the top iconic henchman like in previous Bond instalments some of the wonders like Jaws or Oddjob? That would be a great addition to the newer Bond world, I loved watching Jaws as a kid he is still an all time favourite villain to a lot of fans of the franchise I know.

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