23 May, 2014

Actors who could take over as Joker???

Now that we have Batman being rebooted within the DC Universe, I think we NEED to bring back Joker and get over the fact that the last man who played him died. Yes it is heartbreaking that Ledger died, however that shouldn't stop up seeing Joker again. This is just a quick piece I will be putting together in about 45 mins maybe an hour, so don't hate on me too much if I fall way shy of the mark.

Benedict Cumberbatch

I am a huge fan of Cumberbatch, so there may be a bit bias in my decision but I think he would be great. He played Kahn recently in the second instalment in the Star Trek rebooting franchise who has elements of Joker the same can be said about his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He is pretty much my first go to guy with ANY villain before I get into details, he plays the villain/anti-hero so well, if he does not become Joker I give it a couple of years before DC or Marvel snap him up to play a villain in their every growing worlds.

Christoph Waltz

I know, I know his accent is usually that of a European man. However, putting that aside I think that Waltz would be brilliant he is a highly established actor and has won 2 Academy Awards in recent years. He has the acting ability down to a tea, but can he play The Joker? That is another question, he does take your eye to him with severe concentration whenever he is on screen, you are sitting there hanging off every word he says same happens when you think about Joker talking in the comics.

Mads Mikkelsen

I will just say watch "Hannibal" on NBC an you will see why ha.

Willem Dafoe

Just think of him as Green Goblin, he was just perfect, plus casting him as Joker might actually make the Internet explode from fan boys so he should be case for that reason alone ha.

Honourable mentions;
Robert Knepper - Do I really need to say more than "Prison Break"?

Aaron Paul - Jesse was a broken, angry, desperate, emotional character, plus with Eisenberg as Lex proves they like to cast obscure and young.

Sharlto Copley - The man seems like he is up for anything and I think he would put a nice twist on the Joker that we haven't seen before.

Matthew Gray Gubler - I just love this dude, ever since I seen him in the early episodes of "Criminal Minds" I just thought yes, this dude is going to be good.


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