03 April, 2014

Spawn fancast

So I have been thinking lately of the films I would love to see rebooted considering that Hollywood have ran out ideas and they feel the need to reboot, re-imagine or just rob ideas. That does sound a little bit bitter I know, however I do love reboots or re-imagines myself I loved  "Star Trek", "Man Of Steel" and "Ocean's Eleven" come to mind. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I was a huge fan of the 1997 Spawn release who wouldn't love a mercenary agent who dies, gets sent to hell and makes a deal with the devil to come back. So I decided to do myself a little fancast of who I would have in the film if it were to be remade right now. 

Spawn - Idris Elba 
It was really a toss up between Elba and Terry Crews however I just thought that Elba has the acting ability that Crews didn't have.

Cogliostro - Donald Sutherland
Cogliostro is a homeless dude who turns out to be a fellow Hellspawn who has previously forsaken his roots.

Violator/The Clown - Wayne Knight
The Clown and voice of Violator.

The Freak - Bill Moseley

Jason Wynn - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jessica Priest - Kristen Stewart

Twitch Williams - Kevin Corrigan

Angela - Scarlett Johansson

Wanda - Gabrielle Union
Al Simmons wife before he died.

Terry Fitzgerald - Gary Dourdan
Al Simmons best friend and now current husband to his ex-wife.

James Marsters - The Curse

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