06 April, 2014

"Constantine" TV Series update

We all know that NBC are working on their adaptation of the hugely popular Constantine comic, today we have some further plot details and characters we are likely to see in the pilot. These WILL BE SPOILERS if they come true, however for now they are still rumours, but could still be SPOILERS. Scroll down for the details, I repeat SPOILERS.
<<<<<Plus how bad ass does Matt look!!!

Huge thanks to the guys and girls over at Shock Till You Drop, the main details of which are here;
  • At the beginning of the first episode, Constantine has checked himself into a psychiatric institution after witnessing a 9-year-old girl have her soul taken to hell by a demon. When he checks himself out, he’s been there for six months.
  • Constantine “is a clever wise-ass” who “masks his emotions with humor.” Hopefully, he’s more deadpan than, say, boisterously sarcastic.
  • In the TV version of Constantine, Papa Midnite will be Cuban instead of Jamaican. Apparently, he can “dream the future” and when we meet him, he’s “doing a lot of cocaine because he has to stay awake.” For what reason? It doesn’t say. Though we do know that Midnite will be the primary villain of the show – for at least the first season.
  • A regular girl named Liv Parsons – seemingly a vehicle to help viewers understand this supernatural world – discovers that something nefarious is coming for her. She teams up with Constantine, who used to be friends with her dead father and owes him a debt. Their team-up will apparently form the basis of the show.
  • Constantine has an angel named Manny “assigned” to him to “help ease his soul into damnation.” Which seemingly confirms that his background will be similar to that of his comic book counterpart. In the comics, Constantine stopped a demon from taking the soul of a dying friend. For this, the demon promised to send Constantine to hell when he died.
  • In the first episode, we’ll see all kinds of supernatural craziness, including “possessions, ghosts [...] and demons.”
  • We’ll also meet “Chaz” – Constatine’s driver – a “tall, sensitive, quiet type” with a lot of knowledge about the supernatural. In the comics, his name is “Chas” Chandler, who was previously played by Shia LaBeouf in the 2005 Keanu Reeves film.
  • And now for the most important thing: Constantine won’t be wearing his famous trenchcoat…at first. But he will eventually. So don’t get too up-in-arms.

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