13 March, 2014

Could Video Games be Hollywoods new Comic Book movies?

I seen a post over on The Movie Blog called "Video Game Films Could Be Hollywood’s Next Comic Book Movie" the article itself is a great read, as a lot of their stuff is. This article got me thinking about what games I would love to see made into a movie and also made me come to the realisation the video game world is a relatively untapped market when it comes to adapting other media into movies.

I am not saying there is lack of video game movies, we have a lot, Resident Evil franchise, Silent Hill 1 & 2, Hitman, Max Payne and Mortal Kombat just name a few. Some of the movie have been very enjoyable while others have been so lacking in anything good that they make you want to gouge your eyes out with spoons i.e "Max Payne" which is unfortunate because Wahlberg is a one of my all time favourite movie stars.

When it comes to the Video Game world, I'm sure fellow gamers will admit there is truly countless games that could be picked and made into movie/TV series. At last count the online game World Of Warcraft has 7.6 million subscribers at last account sometime in 2013, that is potentially £68 million using the average of 1 ticket each on UK ticket price cost of £9, so it is safe to say that is looking like a healthy return already. Warcraft already has a release date along with Assassins Creed already in the works a potential 6th instalment in Resident Evil and Agent 47 currently filming.

Plus we also found out last week that Sam Raimi the genius behind "Evil Dead" had signed on to make a big screen version of Last Of Us. I personally only got around to playing Last Of Us last month an it was a bit of a let down for me as a game, however when playing through I thought "this would make a great TV Series" it has that kind of layout when you play through it, then I heard it was being made into a film I thought, yeah go for it it will make a great watch.

Just going to throw down some names off the top of my head that I think could/would make enjoyable films;
Metal Gear Solid,
Just Cause,
Mortal Kombat reboot,
Tomb Raider reboot,
God Of War,
Duke Nukem,
Red Dead Redemption.

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