20 February, 2014

We have our Fantastic Four, an it is not what you'd expect

So when I make this next comment people usually hurl abuse at me, but I actually enjoyed the 2005 release of "Fantastic Four" I know it was more aimed at the child market however I still thought it was a fun watch. Plus how can you go wrong with Jessica Alba really? ha.

Anyway, back to the more pressing news. Finally we have some casting for Josh Tranks upcoming reboot of one of the more favoured superhero teams from Marvel. Trank burst onto the scene when he made the unforgettable "Chronicle" in 2012. It looks like this time around he is also using the same traits that he used when casting "Chronicle", he has gone for a younger looking cast. I still stand by my Fancast I made last year, here is Tranks cast;
Michael B Jordan is Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

Kate Mara is Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman.

Miles Teller is Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic.

Jamie Bell is Ben Grimm aka The Thing. Yes, Billy Elliot is The Thing!!!

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