11 December, 2013

"Robocop" is not a remake says Joel Kinnaman

SFX Magazine recently spoke to the Robocop himself Joel Kinnaman about the upcoming film, he had some interesting things to say about his casting in the film.

“When I first heard there was gonna be a RoboCop remake, I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll see that somewhere down the line. But it’s nothing I’m interested in pursuing myself.’ Then when I heard it was José Padilha that was gonna direct it, I became very interested. José has fought very hard and succeeded in making something that has a point of view, and a political and philosophical perspective.”

Kinnaman also spoke about remaking such a classic film, he doesn't consider it a total remake.

“It’s a great responsibility. Especially in a world where there’s a lot of remakes being made for cynical economic reasons. But having José as a director washed away those fears. The biggest respect you can pay to the original is to acknowledge it as a very intelligent movie, and try to make something intelligent to follow it up with, and not just replay old catchphrases. We kept one or two as a wink to the fans, but we did not try to remake the movie.”

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