07 December, 2013

Becoming a Movie Blogger!

Over the past few months people have asked me about how I got into Blogging, it was something I never really planned on doing. However, I did plan on writing a novel/screenplay I know that is a cliche "oh another hipster writing a screenplay" for me it's not like that. I have been in love with movies since I was 3 an first watched "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" me and my brother must have watched that film hundreds of times.

So with my love for movies I started using movie Blogs daily in my teens an have been using them since. The growth of Blogging in recent years has been astronomical to say the least they are about EVERYTHING so I decided that I would start my own. You know get a feel for writing and hopefully get myself a little publicity for when/if I finally release my own work.

When I started doing this in November, 2011 I thought it would last a few weeks, maybe a couple of months. Here I am over 2 years later with about 36,200 views under my belt. I started this for no other reasons than my love for movies and writing.

I will say to anybody who is thinking of doing this themselves DO NOT do it to try and make yourself famous or rich I can say right now you will find yourself heavily let down.

I'd say at least 3 times I day I check multiple websites in order to find the news I want to post about, I used a variety of different sites because I like how they write their articles, the difference in news the post and just for the love of movies. Here are the sites I check daily;


Plus it is always fun to visit the independent movie Blogs, my favourite is http://whataboutthetwinkie.wordpress.com/ he is just another fellow movie lover doing his thing.

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