18 June, 2013

"Man Of Steel" to 'Cause' "Justice League" Movie?

It has been rumoured that earlier this week that Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have been given the job of working on the "Man Of Steel" sequel. In that report it was also stated that Goyer has signed a three picture deal with Warner Bros. which apparently includes the "Justice League" movie. Here's hoping he is writing that too, because he done a great job on "Man Of Steel" as well as pretty much most things he writes.

Bleeding Cool caught up with the writer and got a little more info on which direction they may be going with the shared universe. Here is an excerpt from their conversation:

David Goyer: It is our intention that, in success, this would be the zero issue and from this point onward, possible films could expand into a shared universe. In our world, the Man of Steel world, Zack has gone on record saying that we’re implying there are other superheroes in this world. But I don’t know that they’ve come forward yet. The idea is that Superman is the first one. There might be people helping people, but not in costumes, and that Superman comes forward and announces himself to the world. In him announcing himself, he’s the one that changes things.

Bleeding Cool: You’re positing a cause and effect?

David Goyer: Yes, yes absolutely, in our mind.

Bleeding Cool: And so now, Bruce Wayne will feel alright in his ears, where he might not have dressed up like that before. Is that the kind of thinking?

David Goyer: Well, yes… there’s definitely… I don’t want to get too in depth. Obviously, Zack and I have had conversations… but there would be a cause and effect. And that would extend to the collateral damage that happened, and to what other countries feel about the fact Superman calls America his home. Man of Steel doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

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