20 May, 2013

"Riddick" trailer is finally here

So here it is we finally have a trailer for the third instalment in the Riddick trilogy. The franchise gained a cult following after the first film released back in 2000 with "Pitch Black" then the sequel "The Chronicles Of Riddick" which released in 2004. We have heard rumours of another sequel in the franchise an here it is. I have been a huge fan of the character and even the franchise since its birth. However saying that, after watching the trailer I got the feel of it just being a remake of Pitch Black in a way.

The film was independently financed so the fact that it even happened if a miracle I seriously expected the film to be in the "one day" category but it made it out yay ha. Let's hope there is more tie-ins/spin offs within this universe that continue to explore Riddick as a character plus the dark evil world he lives in.

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