20 May, 2013

Bruce Willis lands ANOTHER role?

Bruce Willis makes a hell of a lot of movies, so when I say he is in a new one you won't be surprised and over the years he has made some absolute garbage like "North" and "Look Whos Talking Too" but he has made some classics like "Die Hard" and "Looper". He usually keeps himself to three genres Action, Comedy and Drama the three he is good at, the new film he is set to be in is being made by Emmett/Furla Willis has previously made three films with this company "16 Blocks", "Lay The Favourite" and "Fire With Fire" and now it looks like his fourth is in the works "Expiration".

The plot for this film sounds eerily familiar, see if you can guess what;
"Willis will play a hitman who is looking for an antidote before he dies after he's been poisoned."

Is that not the EXACT plot of "Crank" or am I just being an idiot? The film has been given a $60 million budget, so Willis will fit right in with this film. Let's imagine cars blowing up? People being shot? Car chases? All in all I am a little excited for the film being a Willis fan for longer than I can remember.

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