25 March, 2013

Sam Mendes will return...

Says James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, according to reports just last month Sam Mendes had turned down returning for another James Bond film. Speaking recently Broccoli said that she and producer Michael G. Wilson aren't going to let "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes leave so easily.

“We will get him back," she says. "We haven’t given up hope... Maybe not for the next one… but we will get him back again.”

“We are working on him," Wilson adds. "We hope that maybe he will have gotten inspired to come back.”

Mendes himself admits that, while he's unlikely to helm the 24th EON Production, he's tentatively interested in a future franchise entry.

“Bond movies, they need someone working on it now," Mendes himself explains. "...I’m doing my theatre projects and then I’ll work out... I’ve definitely left the door open though... I’ve never really repeated myself, done the same type of movie one after the other, so just give me a chance to think about what I actually want to say."

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