24 January, 2013

No Jimmy Olsen in "Man Of Steel"

Has anybody else noticed that there is no mention of any Jimmy Olsen in any of the posts about "Man Of Steel", I was doing a little looking around on the Wikipedia and IMDB page for the film an didn't see any actors rumoured to be playing him. But, on the IMDB cast page there is an actress called Rebecca Buller who is playing a character called "Jenny Olsen" has Jimmy been replaced by a lady for the new film?

So I decided to go back an watch the most recent trailer of the film released by Warner Brothers a few weeks ago. There is one scene where we see Laurence Fishburne (who is playing Perry White) running with Buller arm in arm away from a collapsing building. So Jimmy is now a Jenny? Way to confuse a guy Mr. Snyder! Below is a still I took from the trailer on Youtube, see what I mean?

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