28 November, 2012

Chris Hemsworth talks He-Man rumours

You might remember a while ago I posted about Dolph Lundgren talking about possible actors for the upcoming "He-Man" movie, when asked about Hemsworth being He-Man I believe his words were "Yeah! That's a good idea. I'm onboard." Every few years somebody new seems to be attached to this project, it seems like every time a well build actor is doing well the rumours start to circulate, here is what Hemsworth had to say about the rumour;

"“I can’t play He-Man, it’s pretty much Thor, isn’t it?” he said. 

Hemsworth added that after playing Thor is several movies, it has become difficult for him to get certain roles. As a result, he doesn’t expect to be asked to play He-Man, and probably not any villains. 

I’d probably have to make more of an effort to get that kind of role,” he explained."

So there it is people, Thor is already He-Man, so what's the point? I can see where he is coming from an I'm guessing you will too. It's good to finally get some closure on the whole Hemsworth He-Man rumour, but it will only be a matter of months possibly a year before somebody else is rumoured to be heading up the movie. 

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