19 October, 2012

"Transformers 4" looking for a female lead?

Michael Bay is probably putting the finishing touches to his upcoming film "Pain & Gain" ready for its release next year, I recently learnt some information on the upcoming Transformers film. A new rumour is circulating that the next film is set to have a female lead in the place of Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky.

"Spoiler TV said that’s not the case because TRANSFORMERS 4 is looking for an actress to play a female protagonist who’s a high school senior and also an actor to play her Texan race car drivin’ boyfriend."

We all know that Bay likes to have some "eye candy" in his films in the form of attractive co-stars, but now it looks like he is upping his game and giving the lead role to a female. I kind of like the idea of giving the lead to a female, it's different and different is what we need in Hollywood right now. The major concern is how high of a priority is acting on the list of what the actress needs, his past two female co-stars have been more chosen on their looks over their acting ability. I'm hope he aims for both looks and acting ability, can somebody say Emma Watson? Ha ha

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