09 March, 2012

"Robocop" reboot has a lead???

MGM are continuing forward with their plans to make a "Robocop" reboot, the director of "Elite Squad" Jose Padilha joined the project last year an reports are now suggesting that MGM have pick their main man Joel Kinnaman from TV's "The Killing". Multiple casting rumours over the past few months have had names like Russell Crowe and Michael Fassbender attached to the project.
A small biography on Joel Kinnaman, because I guess a lot of people will not recognise him from name nor picture. Kinnaman was born in Sweden in 1979, he work primarily in Sweden up until early 2011 when he was cast in "The Killing" (American remake of a Danish show) an went on to star in "The Darkest Hour", "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and more recently the Action/Thriller "Safe House". Kinnaman was also considered for the lead roles in the blockbuster "Thor" and the upcoming "Mad Max 4" losing out to Tom Hardy.

In a recent interview director Jose Padilha said;
"RoboCop is a brilliant premise because the character is not a super-hero… He’s a man who’s been transformed by technology for certain purposes. And so that premise alone touches so many interesting subjects. What does it mean to be immersed in automated systems and deprived of free will? What does it mean to be used by corporations for certain purposes? How does the media spin things around to make certain interests accepted by the public? Those are all things you can see in the first RoboCop, and those are all things that are coming closer and closer to being real. Science is taking us there. And so that premise alone is really interesting to me."

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