10 March, 2012

"Resident Evil: Retribution" update

It's been pretty quiet of late on the "Resident Evil" front, but recently Sienna Guillroy made some remarks in an interview.

"We heard the fights are more complex in this one. How much more physical do you get?

It’s massive! This fight sequence was originally over 200 moves, which is longer than a fight sequence in The Bourne Identity. It was immense. It was brilliant. I’ve been doing it every day since we got here and I’m very happily whittling away. It’s a very beautiful fight and it’s all sort of….Again, you are trying to find things that have never been done, with weapons that haven’t been done already and using aerial moves. It is quite poetic.

The opening move is one of Jill Valentine’s melee moves where she throws herself up in the air and spins around, lands and kicks the guns away, then flips and then it goes into a beautiful fight. Then it evolves into a really brutal, nasty bare-fist fight, which is kind of great.

Tell us where Jill has been since Apocalypse, because she seems to have undergone a transformation of sorts.

Well, in the game, she’s been captured by Wesker, and he’s put the boob-ament/spider/scarab on which controls her. For someone who’s completely inept at these things, I’m not very good at video games, so you can watch all the movie life bits on YouTube and they are really filmic. She really breathes and you can feel her, who she is and what her story is. There are these moments where they finally de-scarab her and she says, “You know, I was aware of everything I was doing, but I couldn’t do anything to stop it.” So this kind of an indication that she’s in this inner turmoil, which I think is great and quite interesting. I’m hoping we get places to play that.

But here we are where Jill is under Umbrella control and she’s the commander and a baddie.

Paul has said that he’s come up with the idea for the sixth film. Have you talked to him, or has he mentioned to you, the possibility of being in the final installment, the sixth one, assuming he gets to make it?

I’m hoping so. I’m enormously proud to be…I really feel like Milla is making history here. Is there any other franchise where there’s a female action heroine who has managed to make five installments of a story? That’s massive. That’s history. And it’s really cool to be part of that. So I’m hoping that it goes on. I think it’s a good thing to continue a trend of women being equally violent and terrifying as men, if not more so."

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