10 March, 2012

"Halloween 3D" postponed

Another horror film has been put on the back burner, unfortunately this time it's "Halloween 3D" it has been pulled from it's October release date an placed on the "TBD" list. So God only knows when the release date could be, hopefully we will get some information soon enough.

"I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Halloween. We still talk to the Weinstein’s and the executives there often; pretty up in the air. Back in ’09 we wrote Halloween 3D, and we wrote it to be shot before Drive Angry. And it was decided that it was just impossible to do that financially,” Todd asserts before addressing that rumoured seasonal date for a Halloween 3D release, “They probably need to start shooting. If they’re gonna make an October date, they probably need to make something happen. I’d love to see it happen. I don’t mind if it does with somebody else; just whoever does it… you know, it’s Halloween! It’s one of those movies that made me who I am."

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