04 April, 2015

30 Day Movie Challenge

So as some of you may have been aware I partook in a "30 Day Movie Challenge" throughout the month of March, and it was extremely enjoyable. Was fun wrecking my brain thinking of the answers if you will, I would like to say a HUGE thank all who retweeted/favourited on Twitter liked on Instagram or liked and commented on Google+ it was a fun ride, I may start doing this things every so often. Gives a good insight into what you love, I have seen a few different movie ones and some television ones too, so keep your eyes pealed more may be coming.
So I got to day 29 on the challenge and knew I would need a post to convey "Why I Love Cinema", so here it goes.

Cinema has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, growing up I was three years older than my brother so we spent every waking moment of our childhoods together. At that age we used to watch "Tom And Jerry: The Movie" everyday, well that doesn't even come close we used to watch, take the tape out rewind and re-watch this happened multiple times a day. So since I was 3/4 I have been in love with watching films, my first cinema going experience was when I was eight and my Mum and Dad took me and my brother to watch "A Bug's Life", I just remember sitting there being in absolute awe of everything. My tiny little self on my knees in the chair because I couldn't see over the chair in front. Then it began 90 (or so) minutes of just, at the time the only way to describe it is "magical" you are transported into that world for the time being and at the age of eight being transported into a world where bugs are king.
For me cinema/movies in general were an escape from reality, not that I had a bad upbringing quiet the opposite. I just mean when you put on a film be it an hour long or four hours long, you leave this mortal realm and feel yourself in the events going on in the film. No more was this truer than my first ever 4D experience I was in Disneyland Paris and was able to watch "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience!" still to this day one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life.
I HIGHLY recommend if you get the chance to see a 4D film, you jump on the chance to do it. There is really nothing like it, my experience was over a decade ago and I still long for the day in which I get to experience it again.

Anyway, stepping away from nostalgia real reason I started this article on "Why I Love Cinema". You know that feeling when you sit down to watch a brand new film, the anticipation of what is about to happen? Yeah that is one of my favourite feelings, you know the next couple of hours are about to be a thrill ride of emotions/laughter/fear whatever genre you decided upon. For me film/television is the purest art form it evokes all the emotions it aims to, we all have our bad days, nothing beats kicking back to your favourite film to get past the bad days. For me my go to films are usually Adam Sandler films (not his more modern stuff) which to some may seem unorthodox to some, for me I love his idiotic approach to making people laugh, is that not the ultimate goal of Comedy to make us laugh at any cost.

So I guess my love of cinema boils down to the ability transport you from the boredom of real life to the magic of cinema. When you can see yourself in a certain character and feel what they are going through allowing us to wish we could be that way or even the complete opposite wishing we avoiding certain scenarios completely. Films can lead us to feel all ranges of emotion, from euphoric highs to the deathly lows of reality, allowing us to understand fully what we appreciate most in life. While some people will argue "it is just going to the cinema" or "just watching a film" at times that is true, I'm not saying every film will change your view on life, or take you on a roller-coaster of emotions but their is those films out there that will blow your mind. There is times when watching a film for the pure sake of enjoyment is a perfect reasoning and that is perfectly fine, however there is times when you watch a film and your life can be changed and that is "Why I Love Cinema".

Round up of my 30 Day Challenge;
Day 1 - Favourite Best Picture - The Godfather Part II
Day 2 - Favourite Childhood Movie - Tom & Jerry: The Movie
Day 3 - Favourite Action - Die Hard
Day 4 - Favourite Adventure - The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Day 5 - Favourite Sci-Fi - Alien
Day 6 - Favourite Score - Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope)
Day 7 - Favourite Thriller - Se7en
Day 8 - Favourite Horror - A Nightmare On Elm Street
Day 9 - Favourite Director - Martin Scorsese
Day 10 - Favourite Actor - Robert De Niro
Day 11 - Favourite Actress - Jennifer Lawrence
Day 12 - Favourite Comedy - Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Day 13 - Underrated Movie - Moon
Day 14 - Favourite Drama - Shawshank Redemption
Day 15 - Favourite Soundtrack - Les Miserables Motion Picture Soundtrack
Day 16 - Favourite Animated Movie - Toy Story
Day 17 - Favourite Film Character - Fred "Freddy" Krueger
Day 18 - Favourite Classic Movie - Angels With Dirty Faces
Day 19 - Favourite Book To Film - Goodfellas (Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi)
Day 20 - Favourite Musical - Les Miserables
Day 21 - Favourite Biopic - Notorious
Day 22 - Favourite Visual Effects - Jurassic Park
Day 23 - Favourite Guilty Pleasure - Mars Attacks!
Day 24 - Favourite Romance Film - Forrest Gump
Day 25 - Trailblazer - Halloween
Day 26 - Favourite Performance (Actor) - Robert De Niro in Raging Bull
Day 27 - Favourite Performance (Actress) - Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns
Day 28 - Favourite Film Song - Lose Yourself by Eminem in 8 Mile
Day 29 - This article ha
Day 30 - Favourite Movie - A Nightmare On Elm Street

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