14 October, 2014

Soska Sisters talk "Painkiller Jane"

In a recent interview with CraveOnline the Twisted/Soska Sisters what ever you prefer to call them, spoke about their upcoming "Painkiller Jane" film. Back in July at Comic-Con it was announced that the sisters were going to put their own twist if you will on the bad ass comic character Painkiller Jane.

"I'm not working for Marvel," Jen Soska said. "It has to be an R-rated character. When you come to a character like Jane, she drinks, she fights, she f*cks, she talks like you and I talk, and that's an important part of her character. That's why we'd be really disappointed if that ended up being a PG or a PG-13 film because if you look at the character… Kids are reading this kind of content. I mean, when I was a kid I was reading 'The Punisher.' So Jane has to be true to the character and it's got to be an R. We can't tone it down or we'd tone Jane out of the entire script."

"And this is the third shot, they kept watering her down, watering her down, watering her down," Sylvia Soska told Crave. "Jen and I are not going to let that happen, and Jimmy Palmiotti - who is also one of the producers - he's not going to let that happen. There are some scenes in this movie, there's no way they’re not going to slap us with an R. Once you see it, it's going to just be batsh*t crazy."
"I’m so excited about it because there are so few female superheroes that are leading movies. It would be obvious [to] put Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in something, and you’re still not doing that," Sylvia Soska adds. "And then you get this bi-sexual, badass, dirty language, doesn’t give a fuck cop as the first female-starring [superhero] movie? And I don’t really include Elektra and Catwoman. I don’t think those are real movies. It’s just exciting to see that girl fucking kick ass, and if that makes money, then all those all those other girls, hopefully, will get there chances to be starring [in their own] movies too."

"I can’t actually tell you who is reading it right now but it’s one those things where it’s so important to find the right Jane, and Jane is going to be, like the script, right off the pages of the comic book. Tough as nails," Jen Soska explains. "The kind of woman that if you nudge [her] in a bar, you’re not trying to pick this one up. You’re going to buy her a new beer and go, ‘Oh my god, please don’t punch me in the face."

As for the film’s script, Sylvia Soska describes it as "The Heat on crack," adding that it features, "The dirtiest language and crudest comedy and hardcore violence, and yet at the same time, it somehow has heart."
And their plans for Painkiller Jane are only getting bigger. "This isn’t even planned as a standalone film. We’re planning at least two more of these," assures Sylvia Soska.

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