29 October, 2014

HUGE Marvel event!!! Black Panther, Civil War, Inhumans, Captain Marvel and MORE!!!

 So now that Marvel have done trying to explode the freaking Internet, here is a round up of ALL the epic news they announced at their huge event yesterday! I pick NEITHER side in the whole Marvel vs DC battle, because why be an idiot and choose one? Just enjoy BOTH of their epic works going forward, however I will say Marvel KILLED IT with their announcement, DC were a bit lazy while Marvel went ALL out. That is how it is done!
Marvel REALLY knows how to make the most of their announcements, I mean come on they made a whole spectacle that had ALL Marvel fans on the edge of their seats. They have already built a brilliant cohesive cinematic universe, now adding these films adds even more to it. I mean when all finished we will have 21 films, 7 television shows and 5 marvel shorts, that is without them announcing a SINGLE new thing. An can anybody imagine that Marvel do not have more up their sleeve? I sure as heck can't!

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