10 May, 2014

Drop Ryan Reynolds get a new Deadpool!

I have been reading a lot more Deadpool comics in recent months and even playing the game that released last year and it has gotten me thinking about the possible film which a lot of us are looking forward to. Don't get me wrong Reynolds done a good job in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" which in itself wasn't a great film itself, however we didn't really get to see Wade enough before he became Weapon-X which then Scott Adkins took over as the body.

Since "Wolverine" was released back in 2009 there has been talk of the solo film, but every other month it feels like there is another step that is tripping up the process. If I am 100% honest I have a feeling the studio is worried about the fact his films are not the financial success' that superhero films are look at "R.I.P.D" cost $130 million to make and brought back less than $80, Green Lantern only made $19 million and The Change Up $20 million, while they are profits look at the other Marvel releases since 2009, "First Class" made $200 million, "The Amazing Spider-Man" $500 million, each of the 3 Iron Man films made $400 million, hell even "Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance" made $75 million, so you get where I am coming from.

Sort of went off on a little rant up there didn't I ha, sorry about that if you bared through that. Anyway back to my point I think the studio is worried about back him with a big budget in case they don't make a nice profit. Ultimately that is what it boils down to, they tell us it's for the fans and the dedicated readers which is partially true, however it is about the money. So replacing Reynolds may be the way go if we want to get the Merc on the big screen.

Jason Statham - can he lose his accent? I for one can not think of a time in which he hasn't had his distinctive accent, he is a money maker his films have made over $1 billion in the box office. I for one am a huge fan of Statham, have been since I first seen him in "The Transporter". He is widely regarded as an antihero, which Deadpool really is.

Scott Adkins as the body & Charlie Day as the voice - main problem is that Scott isn't a great actor, maybe use him for the body and fight scenes like they did in Origins. I realise that sounds mean just using his body, but we don't really see that much of Deadpools face he could keep the mask on the whole time resulting in Charlie Day doing the voice. My favourite choice is easily this, I think these two would bring a perfect incarnation of the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen.

James Roday - Shawn from "Psych" is pretty much Deadpool minus the healing factor and weaponry skill, he's full of quips and pop culture references. Anybody who is at all familiar with "Psych" will see where I am coming from, the characters have some overlying traits, he does lack the physical aspect and the fighting touch but that could be easily taught. I think he could easily pull off the idiot with a plan style Deadpool lives by, constantly lost in the world but still finds a solution.

These would be my top choices, other outsiders that could be a possibility are;

Seann William Scott -

Eric Christian Olsen - Deeks style from NCIS LA.

Jonny Knoxville - after watching "Jackass" over the years I have the feeling that Knoxville already has health regeneration ha.

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