30 January, 2014

"Ninja Turtles" poster gives us a new look at the Turtles!

Last night a new teaser poster titled "Ninja Turtles" made its way online, the poster debuted on Reddit which proves all the recent talk and image leaks of the Turtles are correct. The poster shows off Leo's bamboo armour, Raph's sunglasses, Mich's puka shell necklace and Donnie's scientific looking goggles/glasses. I like how they aren't all identical they have their own look, not just their accessories.

A HUGE thing that jumps out on the poster, is the top right "Ninja Turtles"which you guys will remember was Bay rumoured new title for the film when they planned on making the Turtles more alien opposed to mutant. Now it looks like this rumours is confirmed, again, let's hope that they will still avoid the alien approach.

A few people have been complaining that they have "human lips", my guess is so that when we see them speaking on screen it will have a more natural looking aesthetic opposed to how The Muppets look when they talk. Plus people have also said that the Halloween costume design looked too childish, I hope this poster puts that mind frame to bed, this poster and the other on set mock-ups clearly show a more dark/adult version of the Turtles that we are not used too.

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