15 November, 2013

"Fantastic Four" reboot begins scouting locations

It was released a while ago that Fox were planning on rebooting "The Fantastic Four" in Louisiana, looks like we have a more specific place now. Rumours are circulating that a few people in Baton Rouge have received notices that their apartments may be used for filming which is set to start March 2014.

As it stands all we know about the film is that Josh Trank the man behind "Chronicle" is at the helm, we have no cast yet. So here are a few people I wouldn't mind seeing in the roles. A quick fancast if you will.

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) - David Tennant

Jonny Storm (Human Torch) - Liam Hemsworth, even though for months I have thought Michael B. Jordan would be great, making him a black actor would mean making Sue Storm black. She just has to be a hot white woman with blonde hair, there is NO compromise ha.

Sue Storm  (Invisible Woman) - Yvonne Strahovski

Ben Grimm (The Thing) - Terry Crews

Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom) - Benedict Cumberbatch

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