09 August, 2013

"22 Jump Street" update

Most of the fans of Tatum, Cube and Hill will more than likely already know that these guys are back for the sequel, now we have official confirmation these 3 are back for the film due out next Summer. Here is an extract from the interview with directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord;

“[The undercover program] moves across the street,” Lord said. “They got more money for the Jump Street program, and they could have an even cooler office with flat screens. It’s a different abandoned church, across the street from the first abandoned church, but way nicer. Jenko and Schmidt are going to college, and we’re delving deeper into their relationship. As the first one was them getting together, this is their marriage.”

One big talking point coming out of the first movie was, of course, Depp’s surprise cameo at the end, and for “22 Jump Street,” the directors say you should expect a comparable surprise. “We’re certainly exploring options, trying to figure out what would be as fun as that,” Lord said. “It’s awesome to have in your hip pocket this amazing surprise, so we’re hoping to find a way, whether it’s some amazing casting thing or some cool story surprise. We’re trying to make it feel as fresh as the first one.”

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