04 June, 2013

A new Doctor Who???

Yeah so I started writing this piece around the end of March, an now it is official that Matt Smith is leaving I am genuinely heartbroken. So please read on and bare in mind this article is about 2 months old, just never got round to finishing it or posting it. Even check out the last paragraph I was about to get into a HUGE discussion of who Clara was, now that point seems pretty mute ha ha.

So technically the title is a little lie, well a hell of a lot of a lie, but it was used to bring you guys in ha ha. I'm just a bit worried because I have heard a lot of rumours suggesting that Matt Smith will be signing off as The Doctor this Christmas. So that leaves us with the question who WILL be the next Doctor? However, it is always fun to suggest, so who COULD be the Doctor? Is the better question to ask.

Matt Smith was my favourite Doctor, but I did only start watching the show in last 2010 after Smith had taken over. So over the past few weeks I have been catching up on the season I have missed with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as the Ninth and Tenth Doctors respectively.
Since I caught up (nearly mid way through the fourth season) I have fell in love with Tennants Doctor, he is by far the best, no offence to Smith or Eccleston.

For me the Doctor HAS to be a British actor, there is just something about the British actors I find they catch our humour better than I imagine an American would. Sat here for hours thinking of actors who could be The Doctor, it is a lot harder task than I expected ALL the British actors that came to mind would now be considered "Hollywood stars" so can't imagine them returning to Britain to feature in a TV Show. Even with that show being "Doctor Who". This order is in no way a representation of my favourites it was just the way these actors came into my mind when I thought British, I will not go on to talk about every actor/actress, however here is my short-list;

Daniel Radcliffe - Recently Mr.Radcliffe recently made his move into Television acting when he starred in "A Young Doctor's Notebook" with Jon Hamm. The more I look at his picture an think about what he has done he just isn't right, not saying he is a bad actor just not right.

Jonny Lee Miller - Jonny Lee Miller recently took to portraying Sherlock Holmes in NBCs "Elementary" plus he was in "Dexter" a few years back and I loved him in it. He has the sarky British aspect about him in "Elementary" that we all love to see in "Doctor Who". Plus I recently found out he in "Doctor Who" back in 1982, it was his first ever role as uncredited "kinda child".

Benedict Cumberbatch - Possibly the Master, he looks EVIL in "Star Trek". He himself like Miller is also currently portraying Sherlock Holmes but in the BBC made "Sherlock". Check him out in that and the recently released "Star Trek Into Darkness".

Tom Hiddleston - Just because he is so freaking cool, I will leave you with one word an you will just understand instantly why "Loki".

Rupert Grint - The Doctor always wanted to be ginger. Should we let the poor bastard be ginger for once in his long 900 years? Ha ha, I loved Grint in the "Harry Potter" franchise his character was funny an dramatic an he played both aspects pretty well in my opinion. Plus would be pretty good to see a nice young actor portray the Doctor instead of the older men as previously witnessed.


John Barrowman - He HAS to return, Jack is amazing. Has there been a funnier companion in the history of the new "Doctor Who" revival, I personally can't think of one Donna would be close but Jack was beyond hilarious and camp I loved it.  

Georgia Moffett - Jenny was great for the short time we seen her. Would be good to see The Doctors "daughter" return let us see him in the fatherly role we have yet to see the revived series.  

Emma Watson - More of a dream than a reality I guess. Just imagine it Ron and Hermione as The Doctor and companion ha ha, it just sounds crazy. However we shouldn't really not use actors/actresses just because they are synonymous with previous characters. It would be an absolute dream if Emma was cast as The Doctor, lets face it ALL the girls have fancied our previous two Doctors let the boys have some eye candy. However I just can't see her doing television work any time soon.

Gemma Atherton -


Hayley Atwell -


Kaya Scoldelario - I really don't know much about Kaya unfortunately, I haven't actually seen her act so I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys. She is only here because I think she is hot as heck ha.

What about bringing back Tennant, well that wouldn't be a regeneration would it, it would be a degeneration? Ah we can always dream ay ha ha.

While doing a little research into who an what I was going to write I got caught up in the whole "who the HELL actually is Clara? and WHY does The Doctor need her so badly?" 
1 - Is she Rose's daughter?
2 - Is she a regeneration of Jenny?

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