10 May, 2013

"The World's End" teaser trailer

Universal Pictures UK has given us a nice teaser trailer for "The World's End", if you haven't heard of it where have you been ha. The film is going to be the third instalment in the "Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy", no I am NOT making that up. The first being the hilarious "Shaun Of The Dead" followed by "Hot Fuzz" two of my favourite films. "The World's End" is set to release July 19th here in the UK and I believe August 23rd in US.

When you watch the trailer don't get yourself in the mind frame of "oh it looks stupid", of course it looks stupid. It is meant to be stupid look at the other two films in the trilogy I mean in the end of one he is keeping his best mate (who is now a zombie) locked up an plays video games with him.

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