31 May, 2013

Disney and Pixar annouce release dates until 2018

It looks like Walt Disney Pictures are looking to their future an have their affairs in order when it comes to animation. The studio has now announced their schedule for the upcoming films from Disney Animation and Pixar all the way through 2018. Although we have no official titles to go with the release dates it is fun to speculate ha.

Untitled Disney Animation - 3/4/16
Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/17/16
Untitled Disney Animation - 11/23/16
Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/16/17
Untitled Pixar Animation - 11/22/17
Untitled Disney Animation - 3/9/18
Untitled Pixar Animation - 6/15/18
Untitled Disney Animation - 11/21/18

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