25 January, 2013

"Star Wars: Episode VII" update

Well where do we start, since Walt Disney announced that they had acquired Lucasfilm back in October and they announced they were continuing the Star Wars franchise. The question on nearly everybody lips has been who will direct the first film? Well, yesterday we found out that the incredibly talented J. J. Abrams will be at the helm.
 If you aren't familiar with his work, where the heck have you been ha, here is an insight to the films an TV shows he has had parts in. J. J. has been co-creator of such of icon shows as "Lost", "Alias" & "Fringe" and films like "Armageddon", "Cloverfield" & "Star Trek"(2009) so you can see he has an affiliation to the Science Fiction world, so personally I think he is a great fit for the film. A lot of people moan about his usage of lens flare, which at times is annoying it really did wind me up at time when watching "Star Trek" at times it became hard to watch, but the film was great. The only downfall to J. J. Abrams to directing is his approach to marketing he likes to keep things under wrap and not leak much.
We also know that Michael Arndt s writing the screenplay for the film, he doesn't have a huge background behind him he did write the screenplays for Oscar winning "Little Miss Sunshine" and Oscar nominated "Toy Story 3". So with his first ever film he won an Oscar and his second film was nominated for one, good sign? Bad sign?
Star Wars old boy Lawrence Kasdan is returning franchise, he an fellow screenwriter Simon Kinberg are writing scripts for films that will either serve as Episode VII sequels or spin offs that will feature other characters, kind of like "The Avengers" lead up films would be my guess.
There is also a rumour that Zack Snyder the man behind DCs next big project "Man Of Steel" is set to direct a spin off film within the Star Wars universe. Whether there is any truth to this we don't know yet, lets see how well he does with "Man Of Steel" first before we get too excited.

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