08 January, 2013

Schwarzenegger on board for...

"Terminator 5" and possibly "Terminator 6", earlier this year the Internet got all excited when Justin Lin announced his attachment to "Terminator 5", but unfortunately Lin dropped out of the project a little after. A few weeks ago it was announced that production was moving forward.

"Megan Ellison, the super-producer behind Annapurna Pictures, has finally closed the deal with PacificCorp to gain the rights to THE TERMINATOR franchise. While director Justin Lin is no longer on board as director, Ellison does have Arnold Schwarzenegger committed to appear in the film…
…The Ellisons own the rights to THE TERMINATOR until 2019 when they revert to James Cameron. The pair are hoping to squeeze out both TERMINATOR 5 and 6 before that time."

I'm kind of glad Cameron doesn't have the rights to the future of Terminator, he seems to stuck in this little world of his own where only Avatar seems to exist. But, bringing back The Govenator is that a good idea? I mean he is like 200 years old isn't he? ha. Ah screw it, bring back The Govenator he's the FREAKING MAN!

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