19 July, 2012

The next Pixar film will be...

 Finding Nemo 2! Yes, I don't really understand it either how on earth would you lose the same kid twice. I've never been the biggest fan of "Finding Nemo" I always thought it was Pixar's worst film, I'm more of a "Toy Story" guy myself. The plan is to have the man behind "John Carter", Andrew Stanton at the helm an help to wash away the negativity surrounding his last film. It was apparently a great film, it just made no money which in Hollywood is a big no, no!
"It is believed that part of the filmmaker’s deal was the promise that he would get to direct another live-action feature, despite the box office failure of John Carter. No story details have been released for this animated follow-up. It isn’t known if Finding Nemo stars Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe will reprise their roles.
Newcomer Victoria Strause is writing the screenplay, with Lindsey Collins on board as a producer. It isn’t known when production will begin."

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