07 April, 2012

Ron Burgundy is BACK!!!

The picture above is the exact scene that ran through my head mere seconds after hearing the news about the sequel. No movie news since I started my blog has excited me as much as this news did, Ron Burgundy is back it's been 8 years since Will Ferrell an co released "Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy" which quickly became my all time favourite comedy film. Back in 2010 when the sequel was scrapped upset me a bit, I have the special edition "Anchorman" DVD which came with a special second film "Wake Up: Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie" which is hilarious it is just all the outtakes and abandoned subplots from the original all piled together with a hilarious outcome. Unluckily for us UK movie fans we didn't get to see the live announcement of the sequel unlike the American fans when Ron Burgundy, yes Ron Burgundy not Will Ferrell made an appearance on "Conan" take a look at the video below an prepare to smile ear to ear!

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