21 April, 2012

Adam McKay reveals "Anchorman 2" info

Adam McKay director/producer of some the best comedy films of the past decade (in my opinion) has splashed some new information on the upcoming "Anchorman" instalment. Obviously he doesn't want to reveal too much about the story as they're still developing script, but he has revealed some things that make the imagination run wild.  

"We have an idea for her that we think is pretty cool,” McKay explains, ”So tentatively right now she’s in. But obviously we kind of have to let it be what it’s gonna be. We don’t want to handcuff ourselves, but we love Applegate, so any chance to work with her is always fun.” 

"I’ll tell you we’re staying roughly period,” McKay continues of the sequel’s setting, ”and I would just say it’s the next stage in the development of American media and news. The fun of these characters is they confront change very poorly. So they’ve got some more change coming their way. I can say that pretty safely.” 

"I don’t want to give away too much, but I’ll just give a couple pieces of ideas that we’ve kicked around. Keep in mind we’re still writing the story, but I’ll say one phrase for you: custody battle. I’ll give you that. I’ll give you one other one: bowling for dollars."

Custody Battle?, Custody Battle?... Holy ba, jebus, that doesn't half make the film a lot more interesting. Ron and Veronica possibly fighting for custody, how can that not make any "Anchorman" fan excited. I can't wait until we get pieces of information over the next few months/year.

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