24 March, 2012

Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart team up for buddy cop film

Seth Rogen an Kevin Hart are two hilarious Actors/Comedians in my opinion. But their names being partnered up, is kind of weird I think they just seem like completely different comedy. They are that weird they spark a lot of interest in my head, word on the internet is that these two are pairing up for a buddy cop film. It's nothing knew we have had many buddy cop films before this, and will have a lot more after it,  but these two doing it makes it seem much better.
"You may not immediately connect them together in your head, but Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart actually have a fairly long history together. While they have possibly never shared the screen together, Hart appeared in three episodes of the television series Undeclared, which Rogen was a regular on; had a cameo in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which Rogen co-starred in; and had a role in Drillbit Taylor, which Rogen co-wrote. Finally, after over a decade of being part of the same circles, they’re finally being brought together."

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