14 March, 2012

No "24" in 2012

This is a horrible punch in the gut, the anticipation of the new big screen adaptation of "24" has been through the roof. Now rumours are now surfacing that we will not being seeing the film this year like Sutherland had previously told us, the film is being put on the back burner due to Sutherlands commitments to his new hit show on FOX "Touch". As of now we unfortunately don't have a revised production schedule nor a release date.

"Sutherland has a brand new show on FOX called “Touch,” and was planning to shoot the 24 movie in the upcoming break between seasons. But Deadline says they would have had to rush the shoot, which was something Sutherland and mega-producer Brian Grazer didn’t want to do. So the movie hasn’t been killed completely, just indefinitely delayed."

"Indefinitely delayed" is it just me who doesn't like that phrase at all? Or are a few other people have a problem with it? It's just a phrase that I don't think goes well with a project I'm looking forward to. Doesn't look likely that he will be squeezing the film in between seasons either unfortunately.

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